Hi Friend,

Here are your FREE Christmas gifts … again!

A follow up to last year’s huge gift give away event … comes another LARGER give away event!

You can NOW download hundreds of E-books and software Products for FREE

These major give always are being held by the same Joint Venture expert that allows you to download every major product as your Christmas Gifts.

This special campaign is very huge.

Here is your special link to download your FREE E-books and software products.


Make sure you download all of them immediately, as some gift owners may take down their products from the listing as early as Jan 1’07.

BUT – There is a problem …

You will quickly notice that you must enter your name and email to receive each gift.

This is NOT a bad thing!

Would you rather pay $47 or $97 for each gift instead of simply giving your name and email?

Probably not, I wouldn’t!

But … let’s say you download 100 gifts, you will now be on 100 mailing lists. This is the problem!

AND – Here is the solution …

Every time you enter your name and email you will be given the option to remove yourself from each list. A link is usually provided
at the bottom of each email.

BUT … before you start removing yourself from every gift owner’s list …

If you’re really interested in that given gift, I highly recommend staying on that corresponding gift owner’s list.


So they can do all the research for you and send you emails regarding that particular niche you are interested in. It only makes sense!

For example, if you are interested in selling on eBay… then why don’t you download all the gifts related to eBay?

As a result … you will not only get the free gifts, you will also receive eBay related tips and info from those gift owners.


Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this and hope that helps :o)

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!

David Guindon