Hi Everyone,

Things are REALLY starting to heat up with Virtual Smart Agent … to say the least!

I have been adding tons of KILLER features into VSA lately that you will NOT find in any other service that offer virtual agents.

Also, I recently recorded a video giving you a sneak peek inside of the VSA control panel.

PLUS, I show you that I got 80% conversions on one of my sites using VSA! You must remember that the agents only appear when my web visitors are trying to leave my website. So, to stop them and convince them to order is an incredible task … I still can’t believe how well this is working.

ONE BIG NOTE before you watch Video 2

I have added several new features that I don’t talk about in that video. These new features simply … AMAZING!

I will reveal these new features in the next video … so stay TUNED! YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!

For now, run over and watch video 2 here

or click the image below:

Again … stay tuned for another video showing you the BRAND new features that are not covered in Video 2.

See you soon,

Dave Guindon