Hi Everyone …

ABI Research published a report recently on the state of mobile
commerce in the US, estimating the market will reach $4.9 billion
as we close 2010 ( up from just $363 million in 2008 )

… that’s a 1350% increase in 2 years!! ( WOW )

More specifically, purchases attributed to mobile shopping will
account for roughly $3.4 billion this year, while travel-related
mobile purchases alone should account for another $1.5 billion.

As usual, the report attributes most of the growth to the surge
in smartphone use. ( AND, we show you how to make FAST
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What’s interesting is the breakdown of what consumers are buying
via mobile devices …

* Travel-related products and services take the top spot ( 31% )
* followed by computers and electronics ( 20% )
* apparel ( 13% )
* books/music/DVDs ( 9% )
* office supplies ( 7% )
* housewares/home furnishings ( 6% )
* and entertainment tickets ( 3% )
* All other products and services account for ( 12% )
of the mobile shopping spending.

Mobile commerce in the US has some major catching up to do,
as ABI reports the mobile channel accounts for over 17 percent
of all eCommerce sales in Japan.

On a global scale, ABI believes mobile shopping will account for
over $163 billion in sales, or 12% of all eCommerce sales!


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Hope that helps and Happy New Year :-)

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