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Long story short … I have been hiding in my office for about 2 months cooking up a tiny script I called “Exit Splash” that siphons sales and leads from ANY website!

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In fact, I secretly handed out my script to many big and small online marketers to test it out and make sure I was on the right track …

The results are thankfully … AMAZING!

For example, Michael Jones captured 325% extra leads in about a week resulting in an increase of ($)4,329
extra revenue that he normally wouldn’t have received without using Exit Splash!

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Another friend of mine, Paul Ponna, tried Exit Splash on his website and made nearly ($)1,000 in less than
48 hours!

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And the crazy part is … he didn’t send any additional traffic to his site. That was all done with the CURRENT
traffic he is already receiving!

So … what it Exit Splash? It’s a tiny script you upload to your website that opens up a new channel of
communication with your lost prospects.

Did you know that nearly 95% of all the people that visit your website leave within the first 3 to 5 seconds
without taking action!

Exit Splash gives you the ability to monetize from your lost traffic.

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That being said, if you have a website or plan on having one … then you NEED to upload my tiny script to your website!

One last note, I am currently running a launch discount that will only last for a week, after that the price goes
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Thanks for reading …. and I’ll see you over at www.ExitSplash.com

Dave Guindon