Hi Everyone, 

Your auction title is one of the most relevant factors when searching on eBay … more specifically … the keywords in your auction titles!

It has been well known that over 90% of people land on an auction listing because of the keywords in the auction title. I have personally tested this by monitoring how visitors are coming to my auctions. As a result, most were searching only in the titles and not selecting the “Search title and description” option.

What does this mean to you? It means that your auction titles on eBay should be spot on when it comes to keyword relevance!

If your auction titles don’t contain the specific keywords that buyers are searching for then you have 90% chance of all your auctions failing … and therefore, relying on pure luck to sell your items.

A large percent of auctions fail because they are unable to generate enough traffic to their auctions.

And here is a great way to keep your auction titles spot on and therefore increase your auction traffic …

Go to eBay right now and check what your competitors are doing. Look at their auction titles and more importantly … look at what keywords they are using. This is a surefire method for improving your auction titles by incorporating those important keywords into your auction titles.

I’ve seen this time and time again, if you take the best strategies using by your competitors in your own auction listings, you are virtually impossible to beat!

Now, here is a quick-n-easy way to see what your competitors are doing:

Go to www.ebay.com, then click the “Advanced Search” link located to the right of the “Search” button. On the the advanced search page, select the “Completed Listings Only” checkbox and then click the “Search” button.

You will be redirected to the completed listings section. Now you can search for keywords related to your product or simply click one of the ebay category links.

Once you search in the completed listings section or click one of the ebay categories you will see tons of listings where the price is given in Green or Red text. The Green signifies the corresponding product has sold and Red not sold.

Therefore, if you see your competitor’s product having a lot of prices in Green text, it means the seller is doing something right. So you can research all those corresponding auction titles and descriptions and then incorporate the keywords into your auction titles.

The next very important task is to test your auctions in different categories and apply some tweaks in your titles to see which auction receives more traffic. When you spot a pattern, you have a winner.

You will soon find out that if you test start testing which category works best for you and then put more effort into the categories the produce more traffic you will end up making a lot more money.

Ok … one more little trick …

Make sure to test your auction titles by using plural words. For example, many ebay searchers may search for “auction templates” instead of “auction template”. By testing both the singular and plural form of the keywords in your auction titles, you will find which one makes you more money!

Thanks again for reading … and hope that helps,

Dave G