Hi Everyone,

I’ve been an online affiliate marketer for over 7 years. I’ve been toying with Adsense a lot in recent months but am extremely frustrated with my results.

I never seem to be able to get more then $5 a day. In fact, $5 a day was the best day I had!!

Trust me – black hat, grey hat & white hat – I tried them all AND I readily snapped up every Adsense ebook there was out there…but I had no real results to show for.

When I first got ‘Secret Google Tactics’, I wasn’t really all excited at all to be honest.

I didn’t felt it had the ‘meat’ it should have. AND it was really boring at certain parts. I thought: “oh no, not another newbie book about Adwords & Adsense”

(And I am not an expert with Adwords by the way)

So instead of helping me, I thought the Adwords part was confusing me instead!!

But there was something about the methods shown that got me thinking. Since I’ve already bought the book, I thought I’d try implement one of the methods inside.

The results:

1 week on, I had my first $10 day! Is it a fluke? There was a nagging suspicion in me.

So I implemented ALL the methods and I started having regular $10 and $15 days in my Adsense account!

And you know what is the best part?

I started my first Adwords campaign promoting my CamStudioPro clickbank product and I actually made a profit within my first 100 clicks sent!

I really think that ‘Secret Google Tactics’ will help any affiliate marketer increase their profits (almost) exponentially…

It’s your loss if you don’t check out ‘Secret Google Tactics’ now!


Thanks for reading and hope that helps,

Dave Guindon