Hi Friend,

Bad News:
My previous Instant Auction Traffic tip may compromise the eBay’s feedback abuse and removal policy…

BUT the Good News:
You can still use my idea … *AND* … not compromise eBay’s policies!

How? – Keep Reading and I’ll tell you …

Here’s an easy way to get extra traffic to your eBay auctions…

…and we all know, the more traffic, the more bids and ultimately, the more sales you’ll get!

First…answer this question:

“Do you look at other people’s feedback ratings?”

You probably answered yes

So here’s my idea -

“Whenever you leave feedback, put your website URL in the feedback Comment”

BUT! => You MUST obey eBay’s feedback policies!

No problem, make sure your website address redirects to your eBay About ME page. Also, try to make your website URL eBay specific.

i.e. , Purchase a new domain name (I’ll explain how in a second), and redirect it to your eBay About ME page. Then place links on your about me page to your current auction listings.

The idea here is NOT to redirect traffic outside of eBay. eBay dislikes it when you send people to other websites, in fact, it is prohibited to place certain links inside your auction descriptions as well as your feedback.

BUT…they are not too specific on nature of the links. They DO allow links to your About Me page from your auction descriptions, therefore, eBay probably will not mind a redirect link to your about me page.

…remember, eBay is in business to make a profit. It only makes sense that eBay will frown upon people who use eBay as a place to simply point customers from eBay to their own website cutting eBay out of profit.

BUT, as Jim Cockrum says in his new book, Auction Traffic Cash, he personally knows of powersellers who eBay gives slightly more leniency when it comes to small policy violations.

Not, fraud or illegal activities. Jim’s talking about small stuff that can get you shut down if you are new to eBay, but once you have a reputation you can get away with it.

Jim provides an example: eBay prohibits you to use a domain name as your eBay ID (i.e. xyz.com). This change went into affect a few years ago and many sellers were contacted by eBay to change their ID.

But, meanwhile, others who are doing a lot of business on eBay have been allowed to keep their ID as is without any warnings. The same thing goes for small listing policy violations such as the About Me redirect link in feeback comments.

Basically – You help eBay – they help you! You burn eBay they burn you! So learn to HELP eBay and they will reward you by being flexible with the grey areas.

That being said…you can benefit eBay by creating your very own website URL address and then redirect it to your about me page. Also make your new URL eBay specific.

What to I mean by an eBay specific URL?

Make it obvious that it redirects to eBay. Here are some examples:

  • johns-about-me-page.com
  • johns-auction-page.com
  • johns-auction-about-me.com
  • about-johns-auctions.com
  • xyz-auctions.com

You can be creative, and it is always good to try and keep it as short as possible. It makes it easier to type and fit into the feedback comments.

Plus, I have never seen this done yet!

It’s so easy and EVERYONE looks at feedback ratings before they bid.

So, the idea would be to try and leave feedback for users that get a lot of traffic…

How? – check out ebay pulse and look at some of the highest watched items and try bidding on one of them.

After, you bid and win, leave your feedback with your website URL in your feedback comment.

For example,

**Your-Redirect-Link.com** – Excellent communication and great eBayer, Highly recommended

You can see how the domain will *jump-out* at the reader.

Also, when you leave feedback for your auction sales, do the same.

Now.., here’s how to direct that traffic to your about me page.

Simply create a free account at NameCheap.com and purchase a domain name, i.e. http://www.your-domain.com/.

NameCheap.com only charges $8.88 per year for your domain name!

…then, in your NameCheap.com account, you can set your new domain to redirect to your eBay about me page…here’s how:

  1. Login to your NameCheap.com account
  2. Click the ‘view’ link beside ‘Number of domains in your account’
  3. Click your new domain name
  4. Click URL Forwarding under the Host Management section on the left
  5. Enter your about me page URL in both textboxes and click Save Changes
  6. Viola…you now own a domain that redirects to your about me page!

And make sure you place your new domain name in all your feedback comments.

Ok…now that you know how to get some extra free traffic by using eBay’s feedback comments, answer this question:

“Do you want to know how to turn that extra FREE traffic into cash?”

Yes/No? – Well, I’m going to tell you anyways… ;-)

There are a few things you can do…here are 2:

  1. Place your auction links on your AboutMe page so that your new visitors can get to your auctions.
  2. Place a newsletter signup form in your AboutMe page as well as in your auction pages and collect leads. Then market to those leads over and over again.

I think the second idea is the most powerful…although it takes a little work on your part.

The quick`n`dirty way is to use AWeber.com to manage your leads and use their capture web form generator to capture your lead’s name and email address.

BUT, there are certain rules you must obey in order to collect client information from your auctions pages as well as you about Me page.


Jim Cockrum (The Silent Sales Machine on eBay Guy) has mastered this exact technique and explains step-by-step how to setup an account with AWeber and integrate this into your auction pages.

Auction Traffic Cash

Having a list of potential clients is one of the most powerful techniques to making money on the internet, especially if you buy and sell on eBay.

There are nearly 50,000 new signups on eBay every day! And you could be adding those new leads into your client database!

Check out Jim’s new site and explode your client database today… Auction Traffic Cash

-Dave Guindon