Hi Everyone,

One of our latest products called “KD Publishing Pro”
has hit the #1 spot on the ProductPay network Marketplace
.. among over a hundred other products!

With nearly 7,000 orders from happy customers … this
has proven to be one of the most demanded and popular
software products among our subsciber base.

The “KD Publishing Pro” is a VERY powerful Kindle Editing
and Publishing software.

You can easily create your own books using the built-in Chapter
Editor as well as .. insert your own custom marketing elements
at the beginning and end of your publication!

The software is VERY simple to use and comes with several
easy-to-follow help videos..

and .. the customers are LOVING it! …

with over 6,900 happy buyers so far .. and hundreds of positive
comments coming in, this is one of our best products to date!

In fact, there is currenlty NOTHING similar to this software
available anywhere!


Are there any upsells? ..

Yes, and No …

Yes, there are upsells .. but they are technically
optional “upgrades” that are not required, but
are very useful.

You don’t have to purchase the upgrades right
away, you can get them from within your members
area if you want ..

.. but the cost of the upgrades will be increasing
soon as well. So if you are interested, then make
sure to get the upgrades soon.

The upgrades are …

Optional Upgrade 1:

KD Niche Finder – This is a 4 in 1 PC software
containing 4 separate tools that quickly uncovers
hidden profitable niches for kindle marketing

Price: $47 One-time fee ( going up to $97 soon )

Optional Upgrade 2:

KD Submitter Pro – This PC software submits your
book publications to a couple dozen free ebook
directories .. increasing your Kindle sales!

Price: $27 One-time fee ( going up to $77 soon )
Hint .. watch the video on the upgrade 2 upsell
page to see a secret trick we use to maximize
the exposure to our kindle publications!
Does the software work on a Mac?

The main software and both upgrade software
options are all PC software …

BUT, there is a way to install PC software on your
Mac for free!

I have included a video in the members area explaining
how to install a very good and free emulator.

So you can have all 3 of these software running just
fine on your Mac .. in fact, I have an iMac with all 3
running perfectly.


Hope that helps .. and see you there,

Dave Guindon,
BEng, MASc in Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Quotable Quote:

“You can have anything you want if you are willing
to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

- Robert Anthony