Hi Everyone …

Here if my personal review of
Michael Rasmussen’s latest “Affiliate Cash Snipers” product …

Michael gave me special access to his
system about a week ago and I tested
the 3 included software products …

In a nutshell … What is it?

A set of tools you can use to create
high-converting interactive ads for
products from the major online retail
sites .. and how to get traffic to them.

Best Sellers Sniper ( Online Tool )

This tool is very cool! … it’s basically an
online tool that finds the hottest retail
products in seconds!

They’ve done all the work to point you to
exactly what’s super-hot right now at all
the affiliate cash sniper retails sites, like
Amazon, Walmart, Apple store, … etc.

.. and it’s so easy to use. It’s as simple
as using Google! Seriously, you can
enter a keyword, or select from many
categories ..

.. such as, Best Sellers, Top Rated,
Most Gifted, Hot New Releases,
Popular Products, Most Wished for …
and a lot more!

In short, this one tool is worth the cost


Affiliate Cash Snipers ( Online Tool )

This is the “Meat and Potatoes” of the
whole system!

You simply signup for a few retail affiliate
programs .. (hint: use the Best Sellers Sniper
to join the top retail sites )

Next, you use this tool to quickly create what
they call an “Affiliate Cash Sniper” …

Don’t let the lingo scare you lol .. it’s simply an
interactive advertisement .. VERY COOL!

It completely blows away any traditional
normal text ad or banner ad …

These things are totally interactive, giving your
web visitors a chance to search ( through YOUR
sniper ) for the exact product they want to buy!

Another way of looking at this … is like having
a virtual portal from your site into the top retail
product websites .. straight to the exact products
your web visitors want! ( this is important )

BUT, the most important feature .. is … you get
ALL the commissions from people that engage
in your snipers and take action!

Totally Awesome Stuff!



AdSpot Sniper ( PC/Mac Software )

Ok … now, this is where the whole “system” fell
short for me … until I FINALLY got it :-)

Basically .. I totally misunderstood what the
purpose of this software was …

What I initially thought was .. this software spits
out the exact websites where I insert my snipers
into ..

But, the software is giving sites with Google,
Yahoo, and other ad networks ..

.. then I thought to myself .. “How the Heck am
I going to get my sniper code in a Google
Adwords ad?”

Which .. by the way .. is simply IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Google will not allow that … or any other major
ad network for that matter!

But, like I said … I simply didn’t understand the
purpose of the software and I was totally dead

SO .. what is it exactly, and more importantly,
how does this software benefit you?

The AdSpot sniper software makes it easy to
get all the traffic you could ever want!

It finds the most profitable locations where you
can get traffic from .. and then you send that
targeted traffic to your site containing your snipers ..

You simply enter your main product keyword,
or a web link, and out comes a list of the hottest
locations to get profitable traffic from.

It instantly tells you what “ad spot” locations on
the web where you are most likely to get massive
targeted traffic that maximizes your commissions.

It’s based on a secret proprietary algorithm that
operates behind the scenes based on the
product keyword you enter.

In fact … I have been using the software to find
ad spots for my own products!! Totally COOL!

This software is definitely worth the cost of the
entire system!


What Are The Upsells?

The front end product only costs a measly one-time
fee of $47, which in my honest opinion is very
inexpensive for what these tools would cost if you
had them designed yourself!!

Upsell #1 – Affiliate Cash Snipers Niche Pack
( $97 one-time )

Get an additional 16 top niche shopping sites
added to your best sellers sniper tool.

My recommendation: Don’t get it


you will have more than enough products to
offer from the included retail sites

Upsell #2 – Affiliate Cash Snipers Profit Portals
( $197 one-time )

These are next-generation affiliate interactive
websites .. these basically transform boring,
outdated affiliate sites into “real” commission-
getting sites!

And these portal sites contain your interactive
sniper ads.

My recommendation: YES, Get it!


I can’t tell you how many times I have started to
create an affiliate site and NEVER finish ..

simply because I don’t have the time to make
it all pretty and high-converting ..

With these portals, all that hard work is already
done for you.

Upsell #3 – Affiliate Cash Snipers INTEL & Software
( $1 for 7 days, then $67 per month )

A membership where you get monthly intel
reports giving you exactly what to promote,
when, where, and how.

It’s basically like having a treasure map pointing
you straight to where the gold is .. that’s buried
in the largest retail sites.

My recommendation: Don’t get it


With all the tools you already get, what’s the point?

Seriously, you can find out all this information
by simply using the included software tools ..

But, if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself,
then yes, by all means .. grab your membership.

But, in my honest opinion, you don’t really need it
to succeed with this product.

Also .. I believe you can get this upgrade later on
when you have already earned some commissions.


Ok, so there you have it .. my totally honest review
of Michael Rasmussen’s “Affiliate Cash Snipers”
product …

In short, I totally recommend this product .. it really

.. and I only recommend the upsell #2

One more thing … I personally know Michael, and
I have followed in his footsteps for years .. ( although
he doesn’t know that lol ) ..

and he always comes out with top quality products!




NEW – Facebook Fanpage Method

One more thing …

Another option … is to simply create Facebook fanpages for
top retail products .. and put your sniper ads into a fanpage tab.

You can search YouTube on how to create a Fanpage and
how to insert a tab inside a fanpage.

Plus, creating fanpages is free … and you will simply get
traffic from Google. And you can also run ads in the Facebook
platform to send traffic to your fanpage.

I’ve paid 0.01 to $1 per click using the FB ad system.




Hope that helps and talk soon,

Dave Guindon,
BEng, MASc in Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur
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its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen;
even so does inaction sap the vigor’s of the mind”

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