Hi Everyone …

One of my joint-venture partners, Daniel Lew,
just launched 2 separate killer Amazon software
tools called “The AZ Crusher” …

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The 2 software programs are ..

Software #1 – The Longtail Domain Finder

You simply enter a product name to quickly
uncover long tail keywords, their search volume
and all available domains!

Software #2 – Amazon Affiliate Site Builder

Simply enter the Amazon product name and
your keywords .. click generate and the software
pops out a ready-to-upload affiliate site ..

.. you simply upload your site .. or pop the site
directly into your WordPress site ( they provide
instructions on how to do this )

Why I recommend this software package …

I love the fact the software will actually go out and
find the best domain names to get the most free
traffic to your amazon affiliate sites ..

Having the correct keywords in your domain names
will improve your natural search engine rankings ..
and therefore increase the free traffic to your sites!

AND .. also build the entire Amazon affiliate sites
for you!

If you were to find the domains yourself and build
the affiliate sites from scratch … it would take weeks
to pump out a few sites!

But, with these new software tools, you can have
several sites up and running by the end of today!

Very cool!

So .. I highly recommend this new software package ..

But, the price is set on a dimesale .. so if you want a
copy, then act fast because the price goes up every
time someone buys!

.. and there were 900 buyers in the first 3 hours!

See it here

Hope that helps and talk soon,

Dave Guindon,
BEng, MASc in Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Quotable Quote:

“Those people blessed with the most talent don’t
necessarily outperform everyone else. It’s the
people with follow-through who excel.”

- Mary Kay Ash

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