Hi friends,

A few days ago, I put together a brand new set of killer background videos you can use to dramatically increase video response!

See it here …

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I have been using video on my websites and affiliate promotions for about 5 years!

And I have learned time and time again that videos have proven to be the source of my online success!

Seriously, I am notorious for leaving my competition in the digital dust when I compete in affiliate competitions.

But what really shocks other super-affiliates, is the fact that I don’t have a massive email list like those guys do.


It’s pretty obvious, videos!

And one way to make your videos stand out and really pull in your viewers is to simply insert high-impact video backgrounds.

Check it out:
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Also, you may not realize it … but stock video footage can cost upwards of around $100 – $150 per video. For the good stuff.

In my honest opinion … that’s way too expensive!

So I got 45 high-impact background stock videos that I am practically giving away right now!

How does $0.82 per video sound to you?

Talk about a super-duper-massive-discount! ;-)

If you want to dramatically increase the response of your web site(s), even if your goal is to increase sales or optin rates …

Then, I HIGHLY recommend adding these KILLER background videos to your video projects ASAP:

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Media Shock FX + KILLER Bonuses:

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Dave Guindon,
BEng, MASc in Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur