Hi Everyone,

My wife and I recently announced that we are going on our honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera just south of Cancun … and we have received a lot of requests for pictures.

So I decided to tell our little story and talk about our adventures in Mexico.

My wife and I go to the Mayan Riviera about 2 times per year … we love the water and the beaches. Plus, there are a lot of really nice 5-star all inclusive resorts.

This time I booked a honeymoon villa at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso which is located about 30 mins south of Cancun near Playa Del Carmen.

Let’s get started …

We just arrived at the hotel .. and of course, ordered up a few of our favorite drinks … Tequila shots :o)


We arrive at our honeymoon villa only to be completely SHOCKED … WOW, total privacy. Above you will see part of the completely enclosed private back yard.


… with a dipping pool! See the out door show to the right of the pool? Very cool …


The VERY comfortable bed.


Very nice modern looking bathroom


The flawless private jacuzzi tub in our room … I love the tub!


And the comfy hammock in our villa. I was very hot one night and slept in the hammock all night. It was nice until I woke up with large rope marks on my butt … LOL :-)


My beautiful wife on the beach …


The ONLY wave outdoor wave pool in the Mayan Riviera


The indoor bar inside the Chichen Itza look-a-like pyramid


Very comfortable beds near the pools …


My famous pose …


at the beach

Lifeguard tower on the beach just in front of the resort ..


And of course .. my trip the hospital. During the second night I was rushed to a private hospital in Cancun to be treated for a stomach bacterial infection. Very unfortunate and as a result, we spent 2 days and 2 nights in the hospital waiting to be released.

My wife stayed by my side the entire time … what a sweety!

Back at the hotel and fully recovered.

I collect Mexican hats, mostly Corona hats. I think I have 3 or 4 from Playa Del Carmen :-)


At the Japanese restaurant on the resort. Very good food and highly recommend!


Just getting back from our ATV adventure in the jungle. My wife has never been on an ATV, so it was a little scary for her. Plus, I go snowmobiling every winter here in Canada, so I am a little aggressive when I ride. But it was all in good fun and we stayed safe …

At the pool. It was honestly very cold in the main pool, especially when the sun was hiding behind the clouds.

OK … this WAS amazing. The indoor spa was a hit with everyone at the resort. You can go to the beach and pools all day, then when the sun goes down and it starts to get a little chilly outside … run over to the indoor spa to enjoy the heated large pool and hot tubs.


At Playa Del Carmen shopping for fun gifts.


Very cute and soft mini-monkeys.


Outside eating breakfast on the beach

One last shot of Tequila before we leave the next morning .. with our personal Butler, Gaspar. Gaspar was absolutely amazing. He really helped me out when I was sick and rushed me to the Clinic, he also went back to our room to get our personal belongins to take with us to the hospital.

So that’s a quick look into our fun honeymoon and the small unfortunate hospital trip.

Hope you enjoy our little story and thanks for stopping by my blog,

All the best,

Dave Guindon