Hi Everyone,

Today I received a question from one of my newsletter subscribers regarding Joel’s new Instant Adsense Templates. For those of you deciding whether or not the product is for youyou may find my answer very helpful … enjoy:

The Question:
Hello David … I’m writing to you for an honest answer to a question and also to make a comment. Both are with regard to emails I’m receiving from Michael Cheney who is soliciting me to buy “How To” information from someone named Joel Comm.

First my comments: I have a real problem with “used car salesman tactics” and quite frankly it creates a real credibility issue for you and everyone involved. I’m referring to the sales tactic being used by Mr. Comm…”buy it now or the price is going up” and “it will never ever be available again after it’s gone.”

That really annoys me big time. Especially when it comes from someone I don’t know who lives on another continent. If Mr. Comm (or is it “Con”) and Mr. Cheney really have the ultimate internet marketing package I don’t see any reason to limit its production or to use dubois sales tactics. It seems to me that if this product is the “ultimate mother load of information” it will prove itself and be in high demand for a long time. And as far as I’m concerned they may as well print the solicitation in Greek because none of its contents means didly squat to me. How am I supposed to justify a $200+ purchase for “How To Info” that means nothing to me from someone I know nothing about?

I will say this … out of all the people I receive emails from I respect your opinion more than all others combined. I also want to say that I am determined to start making money from an internet based business which is why I’ve been reading your emails. So my final question is: Is this Joel Comm information of any value to someone like myself who knows nothing about what its contents are all about? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Wayne.

My Answer:
Hi Wayne,

Joel’s sales tactic is very effective because of the time limit and price increase … I have personally used those tactics to sell my software at a discount price for a limited time. It works very well and I recommend using those techniques when you get to that stage with your online business. Yes, this approach can be annoying … but it’s an effective method to generate money in a short period of time.

Another reason it’s a VERY good idea for Joel to limit the number of sales is because of the nature of the product. If there are 1000′s of copies sold then everyone and their dog will be using the adsense templates online and quickly saturate the market with adsense sites. So from a customer point-of-view that’s a VERY good thing that he’s limiting the total number of sales.

Now onto the product. I heard the templates are well done and the HyperVRE software is very useful … but from my own experience and knowledge … earning lots of money from adsense sites is not as easy as everyone hypes it up to be.

“… earning lots of money from adsense sites is
not as easy as everyone hypes it up to be.”

Lets seriously look at this … there are tons of people that purchased his first package and several more that will purchase this new package. There are going to be literally 1000′s of adsense sites popping up like crazy in the next little while and therefore making it near impossible for a newcomer to earn from their adsense sites. Well … maybe not near impossible, but very difficult.

Plus, once you build your sites and upload them, you will need to send traffic to those sites to get people to click on your adsense ads. And you only make a few cents per click depending on the how much the advertiser paid for that given ad. I would personally rather send my hard earned traffic to a web site where I am selling my product or collect newsletter subscribers into a list.

Heck, I only make around $400 per month from adsense … and have no intentions of trying to build tons of adsense sites, they just don’t work for me. And, you will soon realize that Google will start to de-index those adsense driven websites.

“And, you will soon realize that Google will start to
de-index those adsense driven websites!”


Because more adsense sites will increase the number of clicks for ads and most of the clicks will not generate revenue for the advertiser. Therefore, advertisers will soon detour from using the Google Adwords program or reduce the amount they spend. Please note that Google’s Adwords program provides the ads that are supplied to the Google Adsense program.

As a result, Google’s Adwords program will most likely suffer! and Google doesn’t want that. So they will figure out a way to avoid indexing all these adsense sites … especially the amateur looking sites that don’t provide any real value.

And it does take a lot of initial time and costs to get it all running. You will have to get multiple hosts, several domains and that’s not cheap. So my advice is … “why don’t you put that effort into building a REAL web site that makes you REAL money?”

Now, if you want to dedicate 100% to the adsense game and have no interest in selling your own product then I am sure this will work out for you. But it’s a job like any other job … it involves initial work to get it rolling.

But I advise that you should concentrate on building your own online business and direct your hard earned traffic to your own products as well as building a newsletter.You will earn a lot more in the end and you can easily get the ball rolling by starting on eBay!

But, I will be honest here … I also recommended Joel’s product to a few of my small mailing lists.

“I will be honest here … I also recommended Joel’s product …”

But the only reason I recommended it was because there is a lot of content, graphics, and other goodies that people can use to build their own website. More importantly, use those goodies on your website focusing on building a list or marketing your products or services.

“I see value in this product if used correctly!”

I see value in this product if used correctly. Of course, you could slap a few adsense blocks on your webpage, but focus on creating a website that sells a product or service. Preferably a product ONLY you own.

Not sure if you noticed that I started a new membership site where I am creating complete video series teaching members how to earn online using ebay and other methods. I have 2 complete video series plus tons of other past videos I made. The first video series shows you step-by-step how I purchased the resale rights to a software program and sold it on ebay without using a web site!

I’m actually in the process of creating a video series on how to choose and purchase a domain name as well as how to choose a cheap reliable hosting service. Then teach everyone how to set it up and create their first web site. I also plan on making a video series on how to build a newsletter as well as how to collect subscribers from ebay.

NOTE: If you are a subscriber to one of my mailing lists or an owner of one of my products … I am offering a $10 monthly discount to my new membership site.

If you want to get this discount, simply email me at support@hotitemfinder.com and I will send you that secret discount link. Otherwise, you can see the web site here: http://www.davesonlinevideos.com

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well, I hope that I answered your question. In short, don’t buy the package if you want to make money from adsense … it won’t be that profitable. Only purchase the package to use all the material to build your own service or web site.

“Before I stop … Here is a GREAT idea for Earning from Adsense!”

Before I stop … here is a great idea for earning from adsense. Everyone is slapping up content filled websites splattered with adsense ads. Another way is to build a web site that delivers a free service that people will go back to over and over again. Then simply place ads on that site. I am pretty sure this is how the big dogs generate all the adsense revenues in the first place.

I was going to experiment with this idea a last year and even started developing a site. Here is that web site:

As you will see, I designed an online body fat calculator … and it works pretty good! I haven’t finished it yet because I found it’s much more profitable to design and create products to sell instead of getting pennies from adsense. But that’s because I know how to program … in your case you may have to hire a programmer.

So I guess, you could purchase Joel’s package and adapt the templates to provide a useful service? That may work out for you.

Anyhow, hope that helps and all the best,

Dave Guindon