Here are some pics from the Affiliate Marketing Summit West in Vegas 2011 ..

Dave Guindon & Tim
For the life of me .. I totally forgot Tim’s last name lol. I am so bad with names, so I apologize in advance if I got your name wrong. Anyhow, Tim is one of the Clickbank company owners and in this rare occasion he happened to meet up with us at the event. Great guy and loves listening to new ideas while providing great advice.


Dave Guindon & Dave
Sorry Dave .. forgot your last name too lol … but, Dave is the “JV Master” when it comes to connecting like-minded internet entrepreneurs for joint-venture projects.


Dave Guindon, Clickbank Guy, Chris Mcknight
My partner, Chris and I, visiting with the friendly fokes over at the famous Clickbank booth. Gotta love the Marilyn Monroe picture booth they setup for everyone … now that was a different approach lol


Dave Guindon, and guys over at Neverblue is a well known CPA network … funny thing is … I had no idea these guys were located in my own town until they told me moments before this picture was taken! It’s nice to support local companies.


Dave Guindon, Zango Guy, Chris Mcknight
My partner, Chris and I, visiting with the guys over at Zango … another cool product we want to test out.


Dave Guindon & Alex Mandossian
Alex is an online marketing expert, speaker, author, and the CEO of Heritage House Publishing Inc. Alex has generated over $233 million in sales and profits for his clients and partners via “electronic marketing” media, as TV infomercials, online catalogs, 24-hour recorded messages, voice/fax broadcasting, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and internet marketing.


Reed Floren & Dave Guindon
Reed Floren is a 22 year old semi-retired internet marketer who counts many of the marketing world’s top names as his clients – including affiliate marketer Russel Brunson, “Conversations with Millionaires” author Jason Oman, and Adsense king Joel Comm just to name a few.


Troy White & Dave Guindon
Troy White is the founder of Response Direct Marketing Inc. and is the author of Million Dollar Multiplex, along with several other best selling titles he has co-authored. Troy recently won the 2008 Business Leader of Tomorrow Award by Business in Calgary and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. He’s also hosted the highly praised “Wild West Wealth Summit” in Calgary for the past 2 years, bringing in his network of expert trainers, speakers and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs to share their most successful strategies for growing your business FAST.


Dave Guindon & Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson is considered one of the foremost audio and video experts on the internet today. A new media expert, Josh specializes in helping entrepreneurs in all industries integrate new media marketing into their websites, blogs, and business models to build credibility with potential customers and stand out from their competitors.


Dave Guindon & Ted Chan
Ted Chan is one of my joint venture partners and we finally got to meet up at the Canada marketing summit event in Vancouver BC, 2009. Ted is an upcoming super-affiliate that has already earned an amazing income from online affiliate marketing. You can see more about Ted at


Randy Charach & Dave Guindon
Randy Charach is the founder and president of Synergy Domains Inc. based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Starting out in 2001 as an information marketer, Randy quickly realized the hidden goldmine that lay in “domain prospecting” – buying and selling domain names for profit. He soon combined his skills as an expert internet and direct response marketer and built over 50,000 simple one-page websites, quickly selling each one for an average of $100 each … that’s $5,000,000 … yes, 5 MILLION dollars!


Dave Guindon & Mark Anastasi
Mark Anastasi is an entrepreneur and public speaker specializing in wealth creation, marketing, and neuro-linguistic programming. Mark has successfully grew a $4 MILLION dollar company in just 19 months from scratch! Long inspired by the field of personal development and human potential captured his imagination, he launched his “Inspired Seminar” series in 2005. Having turned his life around from poverty and depression to total financial freedom by the age of just 25, Mark’s mission is now to share his knowledge and empower entrepreneurs like YOU to master your financial destiny.

I guess Mark loves me … LOL … I had to include this one :-)


Todd Falcone & Dave Guindon
Todd Falcone is a true master in the art of selling and relationship building. He is a multi-million dollar earner and has made his way to the top in four leading network marketing companies. Todd is a highly-recognized trainer, personal coach and mentor to 1000′s of top-performing home business owners. Many of America’s top companies hire Todd regularly to turn, motivate, and inspire their sales teams. His clients have added millions of dollars in sales to their record after attending Todd’s energetic and groundbreaking seminars.


Dave Guindon & Gil Ortega
Gil Ortega is the president and CEO of and is widely considered the #1 lead generation expert in the world… PERIOD! Gil is responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of quality leads that pull in $25 Million per year in sales for his clients!


Good friend and fellow joint venture business partner Chris McKnight. Chris is an avid online internet marketer with an amazing taste of quality marketing skills. Currently works with video production as well as developing top quality customer satisfaction business systems used for private labeling. Watch out for this guy, he’ll soon be storming the net with online fury :-)


Who the heck is that funny looking guy … LOL, that’s me! Dave Guindon … having fun at the 2009 Canada Marketing Summit.


Trevor Cook & Dave Guindon
Trevor Cook is a MILLION dollar copywriting export. Originally from Brisbane, Autralia, Trevor is a top-level direct response copywriter who has worked with over 7,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in more than 250 industries around the world. A simple one page direct mail letter he recently wrote cost his client $1,650 in printing and mailing costs and generated over $200,000 in the first two weeks! Not a bad return on investment, wouldn’t you agree?


Pat Mesiti & Dave Guindon
Pat has impacted the lives of countless people from all over the globe. Speaking to audiences from all walks of life across the United States, the UK, Australia and beyond, Pat has coached thousands in how to identify the negative attitudes and unconscious “brain chatter” that’s holding them back without even realizing it … so they can then release it and move full stream ahead towards wealth, health, happiness and prosperity. Often dubbed “Mr. Motivator”, Pat’s enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humor gives him the ability to move you from where you are now into undeniable ACTION in your life and your business.


Dave Guindon & Interne Pioneer Ken McArthur
Ken has built his internet marketing career on the philosophy that quality products, partnerships, and collaboration build value for everyone. By creating websites and events that foster joint ventures and cooperative efforts, he has probably brought more people together for profit and growth than any other marketer on the scene today. Ken is a multi-millionaire and mor importantly has coached many online marketers to millionaire status in record time! One of his clients generated $101,153 in just 8 days selling simple information on the interent!