This is shocking … but true!

One of the most successful UK Internet marketers is a guy who goes by the name of Michael Green. He’s no ‘newbie’ having built up HowToCorp over the past six years, but remarkably he only runs his online
business part-time!

Michael is very good at creating products that are easy to use, and which work. His latest is something very special indeed.

It is a system that promises to teach you, step-by-step how he made 20,000 bucks in 20 days.

Although I haven’t yet seen the full product (it isn’t launched yet), I have seen the outline and the daily
action plan. It is very good stuff.

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Incredibly, Michael makes a guarantee that if you fail to make 20,000 bucks in 20 days after following his plan, he will refund every penny of the cost of the course. You can’t get much more confident than that!

Many courses like this are thinly-disguised ads for a range of extra products you have to buy to make the
system work. That can vastly multiply the cost to you.

But Michael Green’s 20/20 course isn’t like that. He tells me that the only things you’ll need to spend
money on are a domain name and hosting. Probably less than $20 if you don’t already have them.

The reason is because he teaches you how to pre-launch your product so that you are earning before the official release … therefore, you have m0ney to spend on product development and website preparation costs!

See the schedule below to see how much you can earn before your official product launch.

The product is in pre-launch phase right now, which means that you can buy it at a huge discount. After
launch day, if there are any left (only a set number will be sold) the price will double.

What would you do with an extra 20k in your bank account in few short week’s time? Let’s compare notes because I certainly plan to find out!

==> Take The 20-20 Challenge CLICK HERE <==

You are probably struggling to imagine how your schedule might look in order to generate 20,000 bucks in just 20 days?

Here is the actual program schedule you will follow.

I just uploaded the schedule here:

Go ahead check out the PDF link above.

As you’ll see, by Day 6 you’re already testing the waters and creating an income stream [yep, less than one week after getting started] and then by Day 20…
… well, go ahead and check it out for yourself with the following PDF:

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Dave Guindon