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  2. [VIDEO] How to Transform a Boring Site into a Selling Masterpiece!
  3. What’s Coming in DOV?
  4. Find All Your Answers at My New Support Website …
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1. How to Improve Your Buyer Response!This is REALLY cool … and something that you can use over and over again.

AND, the best part is … it costs nothing!

I found this nifty tool called “Headline Analyzer” at the AMI website.

You can use this tool to analyze your auction titles as well as headlines in your auction descriptions to see how your customers are likely to respond.

If you own a website, you can also apply this to the titles and headlines of all the webpages in your site.

You simply type in your headline or title and the headline analyzer spits out a score based on the total number of emotional marketing value (EMV) words it has in relation to the total number of words.

Check this out:

I actually used that tool to help create the subject line for the last email I sent out!

This was the subject line I used: “Want a f.ree product with website” and it has an EMV of: 50%

Cool hey?

Try using this tool to analyze your auction titles and headlines in your auction
descriptions. Change your headlines or titles so that you get a 40% or higher EMV.

Of course, the BEST way to optimize for the best customer response is by testing, testing, and more testing.

But, this little tool can at least push you in the right direction and possibly improve your buyer response.

2. [VIDEO] How to Transform a Boring Site into a Selling Masterpiece!Did you see the latest video I sent out to everyone?

I’m actually giving away a f.ree product along with a full website for simply watching this video!

Plus, I take you by the hand and show you step-by-step on how to transform a boring master resell rights product into a selling masterpiece!

Watch this:


Alternate link:


Download this video directly to your computer using this link:

3. What’s Coming in DOV?The time has come to record yet another FULL video series in my private video members website.And as always, I create videos based on what the members want to see.The next video series will consist of:

  • How to create a product from scratch
  • How to design the product website from scratch
  • How to integrate a full digital delivery system using PayPal

Basically, how to setup a complete product and delivery system.

This system will have a squeeze page that will capture customers into a mailing list as well as a 0ne-time offer feature.

This video series will be great and in full detail … I won’t miss anything!

Also, here is the most recent video series I uploaded:

“How to create your own videos that market
your products or affiliate products that
you can upload to Google and YouTube.”

#1 – The concept explained.

#2 – Creating a screen capture video using CamStudioPro.

#3 – Creating a screen capture video using Camtasia Studio.

#4 – Creating a video with Microsoft’s movie maker.

#5 – Setting up a domain for affiliate link redirection.

#6 – Uploading your video to Google Video.

#7 – Uploading your video to YouTube.

#8 – Adding a Google earth virtual tour to your videos.

Also, I realize you may not be comfortable making monthly payments but you don’t have to stay a member forever … simply join and learn what you need, then cancel your subscription from inside your paypal account.

I have to charge a monthly fee to cover bandwidth and support costs as well as the time it takes to record, compile, edit and upload each new monthly video series.

But … I will offer you a secret monthly discount that I frequently send to all my
newsletter subscribers.

Here is that special $10 monthly discount link:

That discount is only for $17 per month and it’s normally $27 per month. You can read more about it on the main page here: BUT if you want the discount you need to use the discount link above.

I also create videos based on YOUR suggestions.

4. Find All Your Answers at My New Support Website …I just finished creating my new support website where you can find answers to your valuable questions.

And … NO, this is NOT a ticket system!

I hate them as much as you do!

I created a very attractive searchable knowledge base where all questions are logged along with ranking and comments.

You can view, rank or comment on any questions in the knowledge base.

And, if you want to ask a question, simply go to the contact page and type in your question and either me or my new support staff, Tanis Wahl, will attend to your questions.

If you get a chance, let me know what you think:

5. Dave’s Top PickToday’s top pick is …

This is a GREAT resource for getting help with your online business. You can ask questions in the forum and the contributing exports will answer you.

Plus, this web site has a very responsive support system.

Also, there is an endless supply of valuable articles, audio files, and videos on how to use eBay to make a living online.

Quotable Quote“It’s important to know that words don’t move mountains. Work, exacting work moves mountains” – Danilo Dolci

Thanks for reading … all the best,Dave Guindon