Hi Friend,

I just recently created a brand-new full video series and uploaded it to my private members video web site.

NEW VIDEOS: How to Setup a Product to Sell Through Clickbank.com


Video 1: What Clickbank is all about and how to setup your account.
Video 2: Preparing your product sales page and thank you page.
Video 3: Adding you order link and configuring your clickbank account settings.
Video 4: Testing and product approval.
Video 5: Advanced – how to collect your customer information into a list.
Video 6: Advanced – How to hide the affiliate link hop variable in the URL.
Video 7: Advanced – How to add multiple products in one clickbank account.

Go watch the full video series now …

As always, I try to upload a new full video series every month.

I have to charge a monthly fee to cover bandwidth and support costs as well as the time it takes to record, compile, edit and upload each new video series.

I realize that you may be uncomfortable committing to a monthly payment …

But, you don’t have to stay a member forever.

You can simply get a membership, watch what you need to learn … then cancel your subscription from inside your paypal account.

Plus, if you decide to get a membership and feel that its not what you expected ..

I will even refund your order with NO questions asked!

If you think it was not worth your time, then I don’t want to get paid. I am a little old fashion … I like to work for my pay. And if it’s not what you need, then I didn’t deserve it.

So you have nothing to lose.


Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this and hope that helps :o)

All the best,

David Guindon