This has to be one of the easiest methods of making money by utilizing the herds of traffic from eBay!

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The idea in a nutshell is this … create a small report on a topic you are very knowledgeable about, preferably your hobby.

Next, find and join affiliate programs related to your topic and insert them into your report.

Finally, list your report on eBay for as cheap as possible … like 1 cent!

You are not earning from selling the actual report, you are earning from the affiliate links located inside your report.

Here is an example. My hobby is weight training. I have been weight training for about 15 years and I have competed in a bodybuilding competition once … a long time ago, but nevertheless, I know a lot of about diet and nutrition.

So, here is something I would write about:

Report Name: 3 Methods to quickly LOST Weight NOW!

Method 1 – Focus on your target heart rate
Method 2 – Aerobic weight training
Method 3 – Supplements that help burn fat

I can talk all day long about those 3 methods … enough to actually write an entire ebook. But, the idea is to make a short report with affiliate links in it.

So … next, I will find products related to each method to put in my report. Here are some ideas for each method:

Method 1 – Heart rate monitors
Method 2 – Weight lifting gear and clothing
Method 3 – Supplements

Then, all I need to do is simply search on Google for those items, find a site with an affiliate program and join that corresponding affiliate program … and finally place my affiliate links inside the report!!

Easy hey?

Now … how do you make the report?

You can use any word editor like Microsoft’s Word program to convert the report into pdf format. Converting to a .pdf document is very easy. Simply download the free pdf995 driver from and install it.

Then after you write your report in Word, select File > Print, then select the pdf995 printer and simply click print. Then Word will save the document as a .pdf file. Then attach the file to an email and send it to the eBay buyer after they purchase the report from you.

Or, you can simply email the report as an email to the ebay buyer, i.e. just copy the report content into an email and send it to the winning bidder or ebay buyer.

If you want to watch me explain this in more detail, see this video

Thanks for reading and start making money on ebay by selling cheap reports!

-Dave Guindon