There are very few people on the internet that haven’t heard about eBay. This massive online auction site has grown to enormous proportions since it was launched around 10 years ago.Now, it provides an opportunity for millions of people around the globe to buy and sell goods on the internet…and you don’t even need a website! As a result, hundreds of thousands of users rely on eBay as thier primary source of income.

… but for every successful eBayer, there are at least two others who didn’t make it.


There are several reasons why, But in this article I’m going to talk about one MAJOR reason:

=> Poor titles with no highly targeted keywords

One POWERFUL way to overcome this obstacle, is to utilize highly targeted keywords in your aution titles and desctiptions…

More importantly in the titles, let me explain why:

It’s estimated that over 90% of users that search eBay don’t use the “in titles and descriptions” search option. i.e., they only search the auction titles.

What does this mean?

This means that you don’t need to spend hours and hours of your time trying to integrate highly targeted keywords into your auction descriptions…focus more on your auction titles!


“where to find these highly targeted keywords and which ones should you use?”
Go to the eBay Pulse page and browse through the top popular searches here: eBay PulseNext, browse to the category where your auction is listed using the Category drop-down box.

Find several popular search terms that you can easily integrate into your auction title, say 10 keywords.

Next, you can easily get an idea of how valuable these keywords are by using the Overture “Keyword Selector Tool”.

This tool spits out an estimated number of times a certain keyword was searched in all the major search engines for the past month.

Although it is commonly known that these results are somewhat “skewed” from the real values…but nonetheless, it provides a way to determine which keywords in your titles will be searched to most.

Of course, the results produced from Overture’s tool is not the results from eBay, but you can generally assume that people search for the same terms on eBay as they do in search engines…on average.

That being said, go ahead and plug in your keywords that you selected from eBay Pulse into the keyword selector tool and find out which ones produce the highest number of searches.

Finally, strategically integrate those keywords into your auction titles to drive highly targeted traffic to your auctions.

So before I finish…here’s an example:

Say I am selling Samsung cell phones in the ‘Cell Phones’ eBay category,

1. Go to eBay Pulse, and select “Cell Phones” from the category drop-down box. Here are the results as of June 18, 2005:

1. nokia
2. motorola
3. nextel
4. sprint
5. verizon
6. cingular
7. cell phones
8. samsung
9. cell phone
10. lg

2. Next, enter each popular search term into the “Keyword Selector Tool” and copy the top 5 search phrase results for each of the keywords:

1. nokia

365950 nokia
182216 nokia cell phone
164631 nokia phone
108818 nokia ringtone
55006 free nokia ringtone

2. motorola

335969 motorola cell phone
283100 motorola
39280 motorola ringtone
33620 motorola phone
23827 free motorola ringtone


Finally, take all the highly targeted keywords and keyword phrases and integrate them into the auction titles:

ex: “Best cell phone, New Samsung models with ringtones”

Be creative, different and remember, don’t spam your titles with unrelated keywords…eBay doesn’t like that!

That’s all for today,

-Dave Guindon

“Try and fail…but NEVER fail to try!”