Hola and Welcome to a BRAND new year!

I want to reveal a couple of POWERFUL but simple methods to increase your website sales in 2009.

Or … if you haven’t made any money online … this is YOUR year to succeed … you can use these very cool but powerful techniques to “Power-Up” your sales this year!

But first, I want to share a few pictures of my first snowmobiling adventure of 2009.

I got into alpine snowmobiling about 3 years ago and really enjoy the break from my normal routine. Here are a few pictures from Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada …

This is me on my new $15,000 2008 Ski-Doo Summit Rev-XP 800 with 151hp … very fun machine! I am on the top of Mount Hall near Chemainus BC Canada. If it wasn’t cloudy you can see the ocean where the clouds are just over the hill … beautiful views …

Here is a pic of the new little Cabin on top of Mt. Hall …

And one more of an older cabin and my friend Kory on top of an adjacent mountain named Mt. Brenton:

There was about 5 feet of snow at around 3000 ft above sea level. Actually not enough snow for the super-snowmobiles we are riding. I must have hit about 6 stumps that day nearly damaging my track.

Ok … enough playing around, let’s talk about how to make some MONEY!!!


How to increase your website sales technique #1:

Integrate an upsell page into your website sales process. I have used this method several times over the past 6 years with great success. But for the past few years everyone has been using something called One-Time offer pages and not utilizing the traditional upsell method.

Therefore, I thought many of my subscribers and customers are most likely sick and tired of seeing OTO offers over and over again.

So … I sold one of my affiliate video sales pages for $37 … but I upsold the master resale rights for $47.

As a result … over 80% of the customers that purchased that product got the upsell!

Talk about AMAZING upsell conversions or what!! The best I have ever seen one of my OTO pages convert is 70%, and that is unheard of!

So … my test suggests that using a traditional upsell page can boost your online sales by a TON instead of using an OTO page.

Or … you can use both! If the customer doesn’t take the upsell, then use an OTO with a reduced package and price.

Also, just in case you are wondering here are the definitions of what I am talking about:

Upsell Page- This is simply another order page where you are offering more stuff. So, let’s say you are using Paypal to sell your online product. When someone clicks your order button, they DO NOT go to PayPal, they are redirected to another sales page.

On that upsell sales page, you can offer more optional stuff but still have a “no thanks” order link just in case they don’t want the extra stuff.

Some suggestions for more stuff to sell:

  • Videos related to your product
  • audio files related to your product
  • ebooks related to your product
  • personal coaching

One-Time-Offer Page (OTO) -This is another salespage that the customer will be redirected to immediately after they purchase your product. The idea is to offer them a ONE TIME deal that they will never see again.

You want to capture them directly after the initial sale when they have their credit card in hand. This has been a very popular method for that past few years and has increased sales big time!

BUT BUT BUT … I feel the OTO method is going to become very annoying to the customer and it’s effectiveness is starting to wear off.

Therefore, I recommend using a front-end upsell to increase your website sales.


How to increase your website sales technique #2:

Another powerful method to increase sales is to attempt to capture your potential customer as they are leaving your website. Then, apply one of several monetization elements …

Insert a Virtual Smart Agent on your site. I personally designed this product and use it on several of my websites. It’s one of those artificial intelligent agents that attempts to talk to you as you leave a website.

BUT, mine is a lot different than all the other services! VSA actually tells your website visitors that it is NOT a real human, but a virtual smart agent that has been trained to answer your questions.

This is HUGE because you do not want to make your potential customers angry by trying to trick them into thinking they are talking with a real person. This is wrong and a sure way to lose sales!

In fact, I have 3 customers that purchased and used VSA for their product launch and they all averaged an increase in sales of around $30,000! They did this buy offering a discount in the chat window.

Another suggestion is to offer additional bonuses in the chat as extra incentive to order your product. This also works extremely well.

Plus, there are a ton of crazy powerful features that would take forever to explain here. You can see more details and get a secret discount to my revolutionary software through the following link:

==> Get your discount here


How to increase your website sales technique #3:

Now … there has been another way to monetize from potential customers leaving your website.

But, unfortunately … it’ s not that straight forward to integrate unless you are a computer programmer like myself.

The idea is to prevent your user from leaving similarly to what Virtual Smart Agent does … but all you do is redirect them to another webpage.

On that webpage you redirect your leaving customers to … you can do many things to increase sales.

  1. Insert an optin form and build your mailing list. Then promote a discount to your list over and over again. I suggest once per week.
  2. Insert a discount payment button
  3. Insert a simply survey asking why your customers are leaving your website. Then use that information to optimize your salespage. TRUST ME .. this is POWERFUL information to know. And some marketers spend thousands to find out this information. You can get it FREE from your website visitors!

Now … I wish I could point you to an easy-to-install script to do this for you. But there isn’t one that I have found yet.

I simply hacked through someone else’s webpage to see how they did it, and integrated the idea into one of mine. It’s not easy!

So I decided to create a new product I call “Exit Splash”, where I used the technology I created for my Virtual Smart Agent and created a small but powerful script that will redirect leaving customers to a webpage of your choice.

I will be announcing the release of this crazy powerful script very soon, most likely in a few weeks. hopefully :-)

But, if you have some programming skills or a programmer at your disposal, then use the javascript function OnBeforeUnload and simply redirect to another webpage. But as I said, this is not exactly easy. And most scripts out there doing this have major conflicts with other links on the page and forms.

The Exit Splash script I am working on has no conflicts with other links and forms, plus it doesn’t use a database!

Simply upload and that’s it!

I also plan on recording several of my famous videos along with Exit Splash to get you making more money with your website.


Ok … that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Exit Splash …

Dave Guindon