Have you ever wondered why you see those $0.99 products selling on eBay?

If you think about it … they probably only sell about 10 to 20 per week!

I don’t know about you, but 10 to 20 bucks a weeks is not very good! especially after eBay subtracts the listing fees.

Unless they are selling MASS amounts!

So why do people do that?

It’s actually quite simple – Lead Generation

One of the best ways to run an online business is to build your own newsletter about a niche or topic that you are familiar with, build your list and then find products and services that your subscribers want.

BUT … make sure you do your research and ONLY recommend stuff that you KNOW works.

So, today I want to talk about how you can use eBay to start building your newsletter list … or lead generation list.

Are you ready … check this out:

First you find a topic that you would be interested in promoting or writing about.

Then go to http://marketplace.clickbank.net and find an informational product (ebook) related to that topic.

Use ClickBank’s handy little search feature … they just integrated that recently, I love it :o)

Then you either purchase the product or request a review copy from the product owner … just tell them that you are building a newsletter that is promoting their product … most product owners will agree to that.

Now here’s the cool part …

You copy a few paragraphs from the ebook (with the owners permission of course) and make a small report. Preferably in .pdf or .doc format.

Then list that small report on eBay for $0.77 or something like that … enough to cover your listing fees.

And when someone purchases your report, you can capture them into a list.

Now here is where you make the cash :o)

First – You place a small paragraph at the bottom of the report included with your affiliate link. Something like this:

“This report is part of the incredibly informative ebook named {product name here} and if you are interested in more information … go here: {Your affiliate link}”

Ok, that’s not the best … but you get the idea.

Second – You also send out occasional emails to your list about the ebook explaining the benefits of the product and how they can use the product to benefit from it.

This whole idea is one way affiliate marketers work online … it takes a little more work, but you will generate interested subscribers in the very topic you
are promoting.

I hope this little article will help you out or maybe get those creative juices fired up!

Just to let you know, I am working on a small 2 part mini-video course explaining how to find what buyers want outside and inside of eBay.

Stay tuned and stay healthy :o)

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