A few days ago, I posted an article in this blog explaining how you can collect high quality leads from eBay and earn commissions by referring your new leads to an ebook product … I recommend to read that article before this one :o)

Part 2 – Another method to obtain leads from eBay

Let’s jump right in …

There is a way you can integrate an opt-in form into your eBay about me page as well as your auction descriptions.

What I mean is … you can collect your auction visitor’s name’s and email’s into a mailing list!

Ya … seriously!

This has got to be one of the easiest ways to obtain subscribers into your list.

More importantly … increase your commission sales!

First, you need to have an autoresponder account.

I use Aweber.com, they are cheap and one of the best services online.

PLUS, they are whitelisted with all the major email providers, such as hotmail, yahoo and aol.

They have one of the highest open rates for emails I have ever seen! I have been using them for about 4 years with absolutely NO problems … A++ from me :o)

Plus, you can join for 30 days at no cost to test it out … if you don’t get any leads from using my methods, simply cancel.

Moving on …

Next you want to place an opt-in form that collects your auction visitor’s name and email in your about me page as well as your auction descriptions.


You must stay within eBay’s listing policies or your auctions will be taken down!

So how do we do this? Simple

Use fancy wording in your opt-in box as follows:

“We’d like to send you free updates by email about the _________(s)
we have for auction. Please submit your name and email and click submit”


“In order to let you know about other eBay special offers similar to this
one we’ll need your name and email address”


“Want an email with the full details of our payment and shipping options?
Fill out the below form.”

After you do that, you need to add your autoresponder messages.

These are the messages your new subscribers will get when they signup.

Now here’s the next little trick:

Similar to the method from the previous email, you take content from the ebook you are promoting and make several small articles.

Then put those articles into several autoresponder sequences and simply add your affiliate link to each email.

When I say affiliate link, I mean YOUR ClickBank affiliate link that directs the reader to the ebook product you are promoting.

Remember the sole purchase if to collect subscribers and make commissions, so you MUST use your ClickBank affiliate link to get paid!

So let’s recap…

Part 1

1. Signup for a ClickBank account
2. Find a product in the ClickBank account you would be interested in promoting
3. Purchase or request a review copy of the ebook from the owner
4. Use part of the ebook content to build a small report
5. Place your affiliate link that points to the original ebook sales page into your report

Part 2

1. Signup for Aweber.com
2. Setup your account
3. Add an optin form to your about me page and auction description
4. Use the ebook content to make several autoresponder messages
5. Place your affiliate link in all your messages
6. List your report on eBay

and … start building a mailing list and make sales promoting the ebook product!

Plus, the autoresponder works on auto-pilot! Cool hey?

So know that I told you what to do …

“WANT me to show you exactly how to do all of that?”


Well … I have to confess first. The ideas presented in this part 2 are taken from an ebook!

Yes … just like I talked about. The ebook is called Auction Traffic Cash written by Jim Cockrum.

AND, he shows you exactly step-by-step with nice pictures on how to setup your Aweber.com account and place those opt-in forms into your auction listings.

Plus, he shows you how to setup an autoresponder message that promotes a clickbank product … ya no joke!

Before you go running off to his website I want to make an offer …

If you decide to purchase Jim’s Auction Traffic Cash … that shows me you WANT to MAKE moolah on eBay.

Therefore, If you send me your clickbank receipt code for Jim’s ebook, I will send you 5 HIGHLY potential ClickBank products that I found in the ClickBank Marketplace that you can start promoting.

Plus, I will give you access to a video showing you how to signup for a f.ree clickbank account.

AND a set of videos showing you how to cloak your ClickBank affiliate links so nobody can steal your commissions!

I will send you ALL of that, if you purchase Jim Cockrum’s Auction Traffic Cash from this link:

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Yup that’s my affiliate link :o)

I feel that I must earn my commission sales … so that is another reason why I prepared the extra information for you.

Again, if you order through my affiliate link and send me your receipt code, I will send you:

- 5 HIGHLY potential ClickBank products that I found in the ClickBank Marketplace that you can start promoting on eBay

- A video showing you how to signup for a free clickbank account

- Several videos showing you how to cloak your ClickBank affiliate links to prevent commission theft

So take action and show me that you WANT to make moolah!

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Yours in business and success,

David Guindon


“Why be a man when you can be a success?”
- Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1956)