id you start reading this because you saw the BIG letter D at the beginning of this sentence?

Yes? – It turns out that on average, that capital letter will increase readership by up to 13%. That’s really good because you only have about 4-5 seconds before your reader moves on to the next webpage or auction!

That capital letter is called a dropcap … and I just made a video showing you how to make one yourself using a FREE image processing software tool by Serif Software Called PhotoPlus 6.0.

You can see the video here ==>
ALSO … this morning I decided to make a complete set of drop cap images for YOU! I made all the capital letters and numbers in New Times Roman font with a nice drop shadow, slight bevel and large black font.

You can download the dropcap images here ==> complete zip file here
I also included the template photoshop file called template.psd so you can see the options I did in the layers section.

Go ahead and watch the video, then use the drop cap images I made for you in your auction descriptions or web sites … and as a result, let’s hope your sales start to increase!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a wonderful day :o)

Dave Guindon