This really opened my eyes and something that I have never considered. I am going to show you a brilliant traffic generation strategy …

But … before I get into this little-known secret I have something very exciting to share with you.

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I have been poking around inside his new site and here are the latest info-packed articles:

* Hot to guarantee that your product will sell on eBay

* 24 is key! – The magic window of opportunity on eBay

* Make M0NEY from eBay competitors!

* Why you need an eBay store

* Top 10 reasons to sell ebooks on eBay

* and the list goes on forever …

Jim’s new site contains eBay related audios and videos as well as tons of information teaching you the eBay basics, eBay intermediate and advanced techniques, what to sell on eBay and eBay financial topics.

This is probably the best eBay informational based site I have seen so far.

You should definitely consider going to this website and taking a look around.

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Back to the sneaky method I wanted to tell you about …

I recall reading an email from someone, sorry but I cannot remember, regarding an overlooked slick method for generating traffic to your websites or affiliate websites.

Listen to this …

You tell people what you know and they will come to your site!

There is a section on Yahoo called the Yahoo Answers. You can get there by going to and you will see a link located right under the main search box named: “Y! Answers”.

This is a brilliant traffic generation strategy that applies something called the “Authority” marketing concept.

Here is how it works …

You go to the Yahoo Answers website and search for questions that you know the answer to. Try looking in topics related to your niche or related to your personal hobby.

EVERYONE has something to teach others … YES, that includes you!

Then you simply provide a valid answer and post a link to your website or affiliate website in the resource area under your answer.

This will direct a ton of traffic because many people are now using Yahoo Answers to get their questions answered. More importantly, you now will be recognized as an instant ‘expert’ in the topic of discussion. This builds trust with your readers and therefore brings “Qualified” traffic to your website that will result in taking action … like buying your products or services!

Hope that helps and all the best,

David Guindon

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