You may have seen all the hype surrounding the
new product called “My Clickbank Business” …

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What is MCB?

Basically, it’s a complete digital product business
with all the elements of a proven & successful

I’m sure you have heard all the hype before, or may
have purchased some products based on those
claims … only to find out that a superhero could
actually get the result they promise!

But this time it’s different … Why?

Because, most business-in-a-box style products
usually only provide you with a single front-end
product, sales page and graphics.

This is VERY different … !

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With “My Clickbank Business” you get:

  • a complete website, with professionally written sales
    copy and beautiful graphics
  • a professionally written ebook product in a lucrative
    super-hot niche market, along with a front-end product
    and a back-end offer to complement your main product
    (you have 5 niche market products to choose from)

Side note: Back-end products are responsible for nearly
74% of my personal digital product revenue per sale!

  • a pre-written page for your affiliates, to give them
    all the tools they’ll need to promote for you

Side note: Most of my list building comes from the
traffic my affiliates send to my digital product websites!

  • a best-selling niche marketing education from Andrew
    and Steven, including their Google Massacre and Google
    Magic Formula products
  • How to send highly qualified traffic to your digital
    product business so that you can start earning immediately!
  • Plus a lot more … see what I’m talking about here

And you’ll get all of that for less than five percent of
what you’d have to pay if you built your own business
from scratch.

You may remember when I released my Virtual Smart
Agent product? … I paid ($)15,000 for only the main
front-end sales page!

Believe me, this is NOT something you’ll want to pass
up. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to buying a complete
business already set up for you.

They’re also throwing in educational material that would
cost you hundreds of dollars, so this is more than just a
business, it’s an entire niche marketing education!

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The Unfortunate Truth …

As with most new big product releases, they claim there
are limited spots and you must jump on it before they
close the doors.

I realize this can be a little annoying given most online
marketers use this “scarcity” tactic to increase sales ..

But the unfortunate truth is … this tactic works well and,
therefore, they WILL be only accepting a limited number
of spots for “My ClickBank Business”, so don’t wait.

This could possibly be your only chance to grab a copy.

An advantage to grabbing a copy today, is the digital online
businesses will easily retain their market value if only a limited
number of copies are sold.

But, if you decide to order later … you may come back
and the “My Clickbank Business” is shut down.

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Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

Dave Guindon,
BEng, MASc in Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

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“The person who makes a success of living is the one who see his
goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.”
- Cecil B. DeMille (1881-1959)

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