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Here’s a very nice short report brought to you by the Auction Selling 101 team. It’s worth a quick read to help you start selling on eBay …

  • Signing up & Getting Familiar with eBay
  • What to Sell
  • Choosing Products
  • Listing 101
  • Image Tips
  • Postage Tips
  • Setting Buyer Requirements
  • Listing Upgrades?
  • Delivery and Customer Communication
  • Shipping
  • Handling Feedback
  • Ebay Stores and Reducing Fees
  • And More …

What is Auction Selling 101?

A brand new website called Auction Selling 101 has just gone LIVE and is now accepting new members.

If you have ever wanted to own your very own business, this is a golden opportunity.

Two eBay PowerSellers have teamed up to bring together a bunch of resources that can easily take anyone from an inexperienced auction newbie to a professional auction seller in no time flat.

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If you join Auction Selling 101 today you will have a guy who earns over $10,000 every month on eBay become your personal trainer!

When you signup you get access to a HUGE video library that includes step by step training videos, audio interviews with industry experts and that’s not all…

There is also private member’s-only discussion forums, access to a special software that will allow you to have *LIVE* interaction with the instructors, and much much more…

I see new ‘products’, ebooks, make money guides, and all kinds of other junk coming out one after another.

Finally, two guys who really walk the walk have gotten together and created a resource that anyone can tap into in order to get the best available information when it comes to earning online with eBay.

I heard through the grapevine that memberships will be limited since there is *LIVE* support involved with this membership… so I wouldn’t waste anytime if I were you!

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Dave Guindon