Hi Everyone,

I just finished a the video series on …

“How I purchased the resale rights to a software program and sold it on eBay!

As I mentioned in my newsletter … I have to charge a small fee for everyone to get access to my new video series. This fee covers my bandwidth and support costs, as well as the work I plan on doing for all the members.

“YES … I REALLY Want to Work for my Pay!”

If you want to see inside the members area and hear my personal guarantee … check out my new video on the main page here:

==> http://www.DavesOnlineVideos.com

Like I said in the video … I am NOT interested in taking your money! I am ONLY interested in WORKING for my Pay.

That being said, if you join and feel that I have not delivered enough value to the membership area … then simply cancel your subscription in your paypal account and I will also refund your membership in FULL … NO questions asked! I actually show you how to cancel your subscription in the video on the main page.

Plus, let’s say after a few months … you feel that you have learned enough from my videos, then simply cancel. There is nothing written in stone that requires you to stay a member for a long time … in fact, I don’t want you in there for a long time. I want you to learn how to make money and do it for yourself!

I plan on adding additional video series every month. Each video or video series are focused on making money online or building a basis for your online business.

The next video series I plan on recording next week is …

“How to make an eBay About Me page that Makes Money!”

So, take a few minutes and check out the new video I uploaded to the main page here:

==> http://www.DavesOnlineVideos.com

Thanks for reading and all the best,

Dave Guindon