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eBay Tip:

Shorten your auction duration. Don’t be afraid of listing a 3 day (or even a 1 day) auction. If the item is hot and in high demand, you should have excellent results. See below …

Shorter duration also comes in handy when you have multiples of the same item. If you don’t want to list them as a Buy-It-Now, you will need to list them at different times so you don’t create competition for yourself. You only have a few weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas to work with here (basically a month).

If you went with the usual 7-day auction, you could only sell 4 of the same item and still be able to spread them out.

There is just a short window of opportunity to list toys for Christmas sales – list shorter duration auctions to get all your items up and sold in that short window – for maximum profit.

How do you know what toys to stock up on?

Easy – just use the list from the HOT Holiday Toy Guide at

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