Good news for website owners and affiliates who need more traffic because someone has finally put together a traffic generation training course that has long been needed.

Dave Lovelace opened the doors to Website Traffic Bootcamp on Wednesday, December 3 at 11:00 A.M. EDT and it’s generating quite a buzz.

With 12 training modules (not including the bonuses) and 38 “watch over the expert’s shoulder” coaching videos, anyone of any skill level will finally be able to drive traffic online.

It’s no secret, although many gurus want it to be, the secret weapon to online sales is the ability to attract and generate traffic on demand.  If you can master this skill, then you can write your own paycheck.

Enter Website Traffic Bootcamp.  If you can follow instruction by watching easy to understand, concise video coaching then you can master traffic generation online!

A warning: there are products on the market that offer you 101 ways to get traffic online.  Don’t waste your time with that stuff.  You won’t be getting 101 “most affective” ways, but rather 101 “ideas”. 

Website Traffic Bootcamp teaches you how to leverage 12 proven strategies covering the most effective free and paid methods.

This includes new Web 2.0 techniques, viral marketing, SEO secrets, super-charged link building, article marketing, joint venture marketing, ezine advertising, video marketing, banner advertising, and more.

You would expect to pay a LOT more than what Dave is asking for this video coaching.  But the price is very recession-friendly and the value is huge.

If you need more targeted traffic to your website or affiliate campaigns for generating leads and sales, you’ll find Website Traffic Bootcamp a goldmine.

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To Your Success,