Hi Everyone,

For the past few days I have been bombarded with tons of emails regarding this new “Google Assassin” Adwords Automation System …

So, I decided to see what all the FUSS is all about and purchase my own copy.

… and I recorded myself purchasing the product as well as review all the included bonus tools and the affiliates den members area.

At first, I was not that impressed … but then again, I am not an adwords specialist. BUT after taking a look around and understanding the included bonus tools … I quickly realized how incredibly valuable these tools can be!

Click the image below to see what I am talking about:


OR … you can Click Here to watch the video

I seriously think the software tools alone are worth the price tag because they can save you an incredible amount of time. Plus, they are unique compared to any software tools I have used for generating efficient and profitable Google Adword campaigns.

Here are the short descriptions for the included bonus software tools … these tools ROCK!

The Daddy Keyword Extractor Tool (watch video here):

Selecting the best keywords for your PPC campaign is probably the most important factor in determining whether your campaign is ultimately successful or not. Although there are many keyword tools on the market, “The Daddy” keyword tool is without a doubt, the very best keyword tool on the planet! So, download it now and check out how this amazing tool can help you select the most ‘killer’ keywords possible for your PPC campaign.

The  Adwords Micro-Nicher Tool (watch video here):

The Adwords Micro-Nicher is an advanced tool that allows you to pay far less per adwords click than you otherwise would. The tool takes advantage of google adwords’ “site targeting” function which allows you to target web pages in the same way that you would normally target keywords.

The Campaigner Tool (watch video here):

The Campaign Kidnap Tool allows you to to find your competitor’s ads and keywords for their Google Adwords campaigns. You can even see which ads are running with which keywords. This allows you to either “swipe” the campaign with very few changes – or you can use it for competitive intelligence.

The Article Spotter Tool (watch video here):

The Article Spotter tool uses other people’s article marketing efforts as a backdoor research strategy to help you find winning keywords to target.

SO … here is what I suggest:

Use these software tools, blueprint courses, and the included FREE Google Arbitrage ebook to create your own profitable Google Adword campaigns …

then ….

Use those exact same campaigns in other pay-per-click networks such as:

If you can generate a small profit from your Google Adword campaigns, then you will most likely generate profits using other less competitive networks.

In fact, I have been testing out Adbrite and Bidvertiser getting some results. I have received over 2500 unique visitors in the past 3 days using both those networks! I am still trying to efficiently convert that traffic … but I have made a few sales and received tons of new signups into my newsletters!

So this stuff really works!

Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by …

Dave Guindon