NEW Videos!
Have you heard of Jason James’ NEW UNCUT Internet Marketing membership website?

No … well this is pretty neat!

Jason has recruited several top online marketers to make videos for his new site. I am one of those contributors to Jason’s new project that launched on July 12th, 2006.

So what are the videos about?

Jason asked us to do one simple thing … simply make a video on how to make money online, that’s it.

So I made a 2-part, 6 video series explaining how to find what buyers want on and off eBay.

I even go through several secret links I frequently monitor to research exactly what people are interested in online.

Plus, I step through the process of finding a digital product to promote from ClickBank based on the info found in those secret links! AND that’s only in 2 of the 6 videos!

But, that’s only my contribution. There are 35 contributors total … and tons of videos!

Check out this recent video I recorded sneaking YOU into the private members area …

==> Click Here to see Video

Thanks for reading and keep motivated …

-Dave Guindon