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New Video – This Item is Selling Like Crazy on eBay!

Hi Everyone, I recently recorded a new video on a new HOT product that is selling very well on eBay as well as some cool wholesale sourcing tips …   Here is the direct link to the video page: Hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting :o) Dave Guindon … .. .


The #1 Factor For Getting Massive eBay Traffic!

Hi Everyone,  Your auction title is one of the most relevant factors when searching on eBay … more specifically … the keywords in your auction titles! It has been well known that over 90% of people land on an auction listing because of the keywords in the auction title. I have personally tested this by … Continue Reading


Untold Marketing Secrets of Top Successful People … and Jason’s Crazy Offer!

Watch Jason talk about his BRAND NEW product in this video My friend Jason James has just launched several untold marketing secrets via interviews with top successful people. Here are some testimonials Jason just received yesterday: ========================================= “Jason your course is a refreshing detour from all of the hype and B S that many of … Continue Reading


What to Sell on eBay >> Exclusive Discount for a New Product Sourcing Directory!

Want the Best Products to Sell on eBay Over and Over Again?? Check This Out …    Exclusive Discount for a New Product Sourcing Directory What is SaleHoo? I’ve been nosing around the members area of for a while now. SaleHoo is a directory of wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and dropshippers — putting you in touch … Continue Reading


*FREE* Report on How to Make Money on eBay!


FREE  Report on How to Make Money on eBay!   Download the Ebook Here Here’s a very nice short report brought to you by the Auction Selling 101 team. It’s worth a quick read to help you start selling on eBay … Signing up & Getting Familiar with eBay What to Sell Choosing Products Listing 101 … Continue Reading

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