October 2006

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NEW *Videos* – Read Below …

Hi Friend, I just added yet another video series to my http://www.davesonlinevideos.com site. NEW – Setting Up a Word Press Blog using an Addon Domain Name … “I Show You How to Purchase a Domain Name and Point it to Your Hosting Account Using the Addon Domain Name feature. Then, install a Word Press Blog … Continue Reading


A Fun & Easy Business Idea You Can Start TODAY!

Hi Friend, You have to hear my idea! This is a really exciting business idea that you can actually start today! Better yet … With this idea, you can post auctions on ebay and sell your services without even owning a website! Plus … I reveal another way you can find customers that would LOVE … Continue Reading


eBay Tip: Short and Sweet

Here’s a short tip I learned from Jenni Hunt of www.holidaytoyguides.com eBay Tip: Shorten your auction duration. Don’t be afraid of listing a 3 day (or even a 1 day) auction. If the item is hot and in high demand, you should have excellent results. See below … Shorter duration also comes in handy when … Continue Reading


New VIDEO – How to Get Inexpensive Domains and Reliable Hosting

Hi Everyone, Due to popular demand … I just recorded a short 8 1/2 min video presenting my suggestions for where to obtain inexpensive domain names and reliable web site hosting. Once you have obtained your own inexpensive domain and web site, you can use that new web site to sell products and/or host your … Continue Reading


My Answer: Question regarding Michael Cheney & Joel Comm


Hi Everyone, Today I received a question from one of my newsletter subscribers regarding Joel’s new Instant Adsense Templates. For those of you deciding whether or not the product is for you … you may find my answer very helpful … enjoy: The Question: Hello David … I’m writing to you for an honest answer … Continue Reading

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