Hi Everyone,

I just recently finished recording a brand new video series for my DavesOnlineVideos.com website.

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You can check out my main page showing you the description of each video series available here:

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Also, here is are the video descriptions for each video in this latest video series:

#1: How the Twitter system works

#2: How to create a gmail account

#3: How to create and setup your Twitter account

#4: How to create your high impact Twitter background image in Photoshop

#5: How to configure your Twitter theme and upload your background image

#6: How to setup and configure your TweetLater account

#7: How I got over 1000 followers in a week

#8: How to get even more followers with this cool trick

#9: Secret ninja traffic tip 1 – blog commenting

#10: Secret ninja traffic tip 2 – feeding your tweets

#11: How to track your tweet links using the free budurl service

#12: Super profit tip – using Aweber with Twitter

#13: How to track analytics on your blog or website

#14: How to insert tweets into your blog or website

#15: Effective Twitter applications for WordPress, Desktop, and iphone

#16: Creating attractive “Follow Me on Twitter” images in Photoshop

#17: Other micro-blogging sites and how to rank them by popularity

#18: How I made money from my tweets

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the inside,

Dave Guindon