One of my Joint-Venture partners “Paul Ponna” is about to release another “Triple-Threat” software product called the Income Hybrid!

Paul’s actually pumped out 11,169 subscribers in only 2 days using this new system!

.. He was kind enough to give me private access to his new system and … I must say … (( I am Impressed! ))

The cool thing is … you don’t need a blog or even a website to get this up and running yourself.

Now … I HATE all those so-called “2-click” magically software salespages popping up like crazy … but as embarrassing as this may sound … I actually setup the code from Paul’s software in less than 10 clicks! I just hope Paul doesn’t plaster some annoying headline all over his sales page .. like “Make $20,000 in less than 10 clicks!” … lol

Ok … all jokes aside,  in this blog post, I want to reveal what Paul has secretly come up with … I’m probably not really supposed to tell you this, but I am well-known for cutting through the hype and getting straight the meat and potatoes .. and letting everyone know if it taste like garbage or candy!

So here I go …

What is the Income Hybrid System?

Paul basically designed a “Kick-Ass” Facebook Fanpage money-making machine!  Yes, it is “another” facebook fan page creator. However, this is something unique as it does not require installation of WordPress or any MSQL databases etc … in fact, you don’t even require a website!!

Plus, this is way more robust and has more features than other tools. For example, it is an out of the box solution that comes with ready-made niche templates (weightloss, internet security etc).

In my opinion .. this offers more value than other tools and at a $47 price point it’s a KILLER deal!

You can literally have a money-making fanpage live up and running in about 5 minutes or less .. well, I did. So if you are new to this … maybe 15 mins.

But, as with all of Paul’s products … he keeps is very simple. You basically follow a 5-minute setup wizard, it then pops out your code .. and you run off to Facebook … and with a simply copy-n-paste …. you have a money generating Fanpage.

You have the option to monetize the page using Clickbank, Amazon, and eBay .. all 3 of which have made me lots of money!

But, you can also simply build a huge list using one of the list building templates .. then market related products to the list.

Another way that I have been making money on Fanpages .. is posting free ipad offers in wall posts! These are CPA offers where the user has to enter their mobile phone number and enter a pin code. Those type of offers seem to be working the best. In fact, I made $100 in one day from 2 posts! There was around 6k fans at the time I posted on that fanpage. And the fanpage was for an NHL team.

So .. if you think about it, you can build a mailing list, and a Fan list … then promote your offers to both. In fact, the famous email management site,, can auto-post to Facebook when you send out an email to your list!

Also, you can setup a Twitter account, add it to your fanpage .. then using Aweber, you can broadcast your message using all 3 methods!! .. Fanpage Wall post, Twitter Tweet, and email broadcast! This will dramatically increase the deliverability ( if that’s a word lol ) of your marketing messages … resulting in massive sales and/or commissions! Basically, what I am trying to say is … you have a better chance of getting your promotions to your leads using all 3 methods instead of just one. I usually only get an 8% clickthrough rate with email … but with all three I’ve seen over 30%!

One awesome thing about this whole idea is .. Fanpages are now getting ranked in the search engines for main keywords! This means FREE traffic!

Better yet … if you know a little about how to use the Facebook ad system, you can send traffic to your Fanpage for half the cost of sending traffic to an external page outside Facebook. It’s well-known that Fanpage advertising is much much cheaper than website advertising using the Facebook ad system.

In fact, I got 2 cent clicks to one of my fanpages, and I recently built a fanpage of over 10,000 in 3 weeks at an average of 7 cents per fan !!  … that’s per FAN … not per click!!! Only using the Facebook ad system!

Are There Any Upsells?

Yep … there are 3 upsells that you will see after you get your copy …

Upsell #1 - More Facebook fan page templates with AUTO-POSTING of content and youtube videos to your fanpage!! I highly recommend this upsell because you instantly get the extra templates inserted into your account … and with the autoposting feature you save time and more importantly … you keep your new list of fans stimulated with content .. and this means more sales and commissions! Plus, you don’t need to outsource a worker to post stuff in your fanpages …. so you save money too!

Upsell #2 - Personal coaching from Paul Ponna … I really don’t think you need this. If you have the extra cash … maybe consider it, but you can always get more coaching when you start earning a few hundred bucks a week from your fanpages

Upsell #3 - Traffic and backlinking sets with training. This is probably worth it … but you can find a ton of information in the Warrior Forum for how to get backlinking traffic. So, maybe skip this one as well.

My Personal Recommendation

So … in my honest opinion, the Income Hybrid system is worth the $47 investment and the Upsell #1 is also highly recommended. ( I don’t know the cost of Upsells at the time of writing this blog post .. Paul didn’t tell me, he simply gave me private access to the initial product )

So … I highly recommend getting into Paul’s latest system and take advantage of the Facebook fanpage craze that affiliates are making huge money with right now :-)


Hope that helps,

Dave Guindon